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OpesONE: A Founding Community Node

It’s more than a belief, it’s a call to action. We are leading the charge to attract other Community Nodes.

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Who We Are

OpesONE is a global leader in high-performance Inter-Blockchain Communication software. The company helped publish the OPES blockchain protocol, called OPESChain. Since then it has continued to develop and optimize the Global Financial Engine, cultivating decentralized autonomous communities, leading to more interaction, better ideas and greater value. These are the organizations that will be the backbone of the OPES Ecosystem, drivers in creating our own new global economy.

OpesONE is committed to unifying all Community Nodes by fostering collaboration, driving innovation and communicating honestly. A Community Node can be seen as the center of an organization of one or more Access Nodes. Community Nodes support the network by attracting users and verifying the OPESChain. Community Nodes can generate revenue based on the success of the accounts they attract and the activity rate of each user within the network.

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What We Do

Committed to deploying funds through venture capital partnerships, we invest in the future development of blockchain technologies within the OPES Ecosystem. We’ve assembled the most knowledgeable and capable advisors to mentor and provide strategic direction to portfolio companies around the world.

Our goal is to assist in the mission of helping entrepreneurs build world-class companies and projects based on blockchain technology. Our passion is providing founders with the tools they need to succeed: capital, domain, expertise, partnerships, recruiting and strategy.

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Our Passion

The founders of OpesONE are deeply concerned with the health and welfare of all people, regardless of where they live or what assets they have. We are committed to the concept that the people who participate in the process of making companies profitable deserve to be profitable as well. That passion for success drives what we do every day.

As the founding Community Node in the OPES Ecosystem, OpesONE will pursue profitable projects and contribute a minimum of 50 percent of all profits back to the Ecosystem. We at OpesONE believe in giving a hand up to the people who help earn the profits. Sharing is not a handout.

Executive Staff

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Mark Anthony Cook

Chief Executive Officer

Prior to becoming OpesONE's CEO, Mark Anthony Cook built several successful companies. One residing in the state of his birth, Michigan. As one of nine children, he has always been part of a close-knit “team”. He believes education and knowledge are essential. He’s a graduate of Michigan State University, and was appointed, by the Governor of New Jersey, to serve on the State Library Commission.

Mark Anthony credits his success to a heavenly Father and parents who instilled honest Midwestern values, hard work ethic, and tenacity as building blocks for achievement. With nearly 20 years in the financial industry, he holds several financial designations including series 7, series 63, and series 24. According to Mark Anthony, experience, temperament, integrity and a willingness to work makes great leaders. He currently employs over 2,000 partners

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Susan Nersinger

Chief Financial Officer

As an entrepreneur/business owner, whose portfolio spans industries, Susan Nersinger helped build Start-Ups and Fortune 500 companies. She maintains many executive level responsibilities with a wealth of drive and talent. She’s a University of Buffalo grad with an MBA from Rochester Institute of Technology. She’s also licensed as a Wealth Manager, and holds several financial designations. Her laser focus provides innovative wealth management solutions unique to each client.

Susan works to improve financial literacy in underprivileged communities throughout the country. She’s an avid traveler, having visited more than 50 countries. She’s committed to the overall improvement of all nations of people, through support of grass roots efforts, economic aid and worldwide exposure.