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A Founding OPES Community Node

OpesONE is committed to unifying all Community Nodes by fostering collaboration, driving innovation and communicating honestly.

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First Mission Accomplished

We’ve built a world class facial recognition sign on mobile app, called OPES ID, that offers biometric security and protects access to your account utilizing next-generation technology.

The OpesONE Mission

To build a global company in the OPES Ecosystem, whose core is committed to economic improvement for all PEOPLE.

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Breaking Limitations

We’ve built the OPESchain, the first blockchain powered by the PEOPLE for the PEOPLE.

Connecting the world with new technology

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The OPES ID app is the gateway into the OPES Ecosystem. The app communicates with the OPESchain and various supporting services to provide users with a seamless, fluid experience as they interact with the network.

The app uses next-generation technology to ensure all users are unique and provides protection against bots. From the app, users can explore the OPES communities, manage their account, set up alerts, send tokens and much more. The OPES ID app is available for download from Android and iOS app stores.

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Blockchain (Wallet)

The OPES Wallet is integrated into the OPES ID app and is used to directly interact with the OPESchain without running a complete node. It provides state-of-the-art security and protection, utilizing Secure Enclave technology to store each user’s private key.

Transactions performed on OPES are cross-chain compatible, using the proven SECP256K1 cryptographic curve to perform transaction signing and validation. The OPES Wallet enables users to access the full capability of the decentralized ledger technology directly from their mobile devices while maintaining anonymity.

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PE | OPES Crypto

PE is a highly extensible cryptocurrency that is native to the OPES Blockchain and OPES ECOSYSTEM. PE has a variety of uses in the global financial engine, including creating liquidity for secondary markets, purchasing licenses for higher account roles, creating and distributing tradable assets, providing resources to run the OPES blockchain and being used for a global currency.

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