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The OpesONE Mission

To build a global company in the OPES Ecosystem, whose core is committed to economic improvement for All PEOPLE.

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OpesONE Beyond the Mission Statement

Where banks and investment services’ pursuit of profits dictates every decision, OpesONE seeks to connect with individuals and business entities that share a more altruistic vision and philosophy. Organizations that move beyond the bottom line for the good of PEOPLE, their communities and the world make up our partners. We’re proud to commit to their initiatives in order to make the world a better place for all.

The OpesONE goal is to build a global investment company whose core is committed to economic improvement for all people. As a Community Node in the OPES Economy, OpesONE will pursue profitable projects and contribute a minimum of 50 percent of all profits back to the Ecosystem. OpesONE believes that everyone should have a voice, so join in on the action and create value. We are committed to the concept that people who participate in the process of making companies profitable deserve to profit as well.

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Worlds of Technology Connections

By participating in the OPES Economy, it allows the unbanked to become the bankable. This technology allows personal accountability as well as viability. A villager in Africa now can increase his value throughout the globe, because everyone’s involvement in the OPES Economy is of equal value. That means your activity now generates the same value to communities and businesses alike throughout the world. In turn, they will vie for your participation within their ecosystems.

We’ve built the first blockchain powered by the PEOPLE, for the PEOPLE. It’s a business model that transcends the restraints of traditional finance corporations by putting the controls in our members’ hands.

OpesONE offers the freedom to take control of your world. It’s a world of financial freedom and technological insight that transcends limitations. It’s a world that improves life for everyone.

We offer the opportunity to break out of the traditional centralized system that may or may not benefit the few connected to it. OpesONE puts you in control of the revenue stream.

OPES is a revolutionary new ecosystem built on blockchain technology. It grants unparalleled new control without the barriers of a traditional economic system.

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